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Welcome to Versailles in Second Life

         Welcome to the Château de Versailles in Second Life, a multi-sim project devoted to recreating the beauty and wonder of the palace of Versailles in the virtual world, and giving visitors and role-players alike a taste of the glory that was the French court and the awe courtiers must have experienced when strolling its sublime confines.


         Our goal is both education and role play, a place where people may come to see a virtual rendition of the palace and its grounds, learn about the history and culture of the era, as well as a venue for historical role play where SL inhabitants may take on the roles of French courtiers--speaking, acting and dressing the part, all the while participating in the grandeur of an historical court. Whether it be flaunting one's stuff at a ball, sipping tea with the queen at a salon, strolling the vast gardens with one’s paramour or lounging in one's suite, idly scheming to expose the scandals of a rival, the role play possibilities are endless.


         The role play takes place in late 18th century France, beginning in the year 1777, three years after the accession of Louis XVI to the throne of France and the elevation of his Austrian wife, Marie Antoinette, the daughter of Empress Maria Theresa, to the role of queen. The time is one of high drama and courtly intrigue, with Marie Antoinette gaining greater control at court, influencing the king's decisions, and slowly forming a close coterie of favorites, some of whom will, in turn, exercise pivotal, perhaps harmful, influence upon her and, thus, all of France. All the while the rumors about the "Austrian" queen persist and grow, rumors about her fidelity to the king, the nature of her influence upon him and of her favorites' influence upon her. Slowly she begins to make enemies, harmful gossip and blame increasingly following her every step. And while there is gossip, there are also those vying for power and influence of their own, courtiers who claim friendship and loyalty--some sincere, some not--and who pledge their troth in the hopes that they may bask in the luminance and warmth of the royal corona. Enter the scene and behold the cast of characters, be they lofty nobles or lowly commoners, all circling in orbit around the royal pair, all struggling for their favor and the glory of reflected light. A duke scheming to increase the prestige of his family, a countess seeking an advantageous marriage for a daughter, a pious cardinal hearing the confession of the king, or a common maid frantically doing the bidding of her demanding mistress, all the while biding her time until the end of the day and her rendezvous with a handsome footman.


         All is here in Versailles, high and low, good and bad, education and role play, culture and good old fashioned fun. Won’t you come and join us?

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